Considering a Maine Coon?

If you are thinking about becoming a parent to one of our cats, here is some information to get you started.

We are registered breeders based in Tyne and Wear - North England, United Kingdom. Specifically we are in Sunderland.
We are happy to deliver kittens on a discretion basis. This means we may drive an hour or so to drop off a kitten if we have time - but we will not drive 6 hours!
Purchasing a kitten or a cat is a big responsibility, and I like to know that owners are dedicated to our cats. - Just like we are!

When you buy a cat or kitten from us you are not just purchasing a kitten, but also becoming a member of the Thirteenth Moon Family.
Not only can you join our exclusive facebook group to share photos and chat to other members of the family, but you can get advice and support for as long as you wish. I love to see kittens grow and I adore getting updates! So please, update us when you feel like it!

The furbaby you choose to bring into your life and become your family - was raised with yes, health and temprement and type in mind. But mostly it was love. I dedicate my heart and soul to my cats and I hope you will do the same.