So you've decided to purchase a kitten - congratulations!

Purchasing a kitten or a cat is a big responsibility, and I like to know that owners are dedicated to our cats. - Just like we are!

Please read this guide to help you prepare for your new furbaby!

What do I need?

With your new kitten or cat you will receive a Kitten Pack from us which will include most of the things you need, however there are some things you need to do as an owner!

Set up a small and comfortable safe space away from your other pets for the new kitten - making sure there are no wires or small holes they could get trapped in!
Purchase a litter tray - for Maine Coons we like this one here
Scratching posts are great fun - you don't have to make a huge space for one (although i would recommend this in the future) for now, the kittens will be happy with anything. However, here is one we use!
Food bowls - you will need 1 for water and 1 for food. This is minimum. If you have dry+wet+water you will need more. We usually get 3 or 4 food bowls so that they can sit in the dishwasher or get lost haha
Cat litter - until kittens are 6 months old I prefer wood litter!
A vet! I'd recommend signing up to the vet and booking the first appointment once you have a going home date. This means you can tell the vet all the information and get your new kitten on the system so you aren't waiting for an appointment! its crucial to get kittens checked over when they go home so you know they are healthy.
Food! Its crucial you don't change your kittens diet for at least one week after taking them home - and when you change diet you will need to wean them slowly - however you will need some food! I would recommend you purchase the food your breeder feeds/recommends plus you can purchase your own food to wean them slowly.
Kitten proofing! I know I already said that your baby needs a quiet small space, however if they are happy to explore then you will need to quickly hide all the things you don't want a kitten to have think: cables, holes, anything that 'dangles' (string, laces etc) will need to go!
Cat carrier - we struggled to find a 'Maine Coon size' cat carrier - but we found this and love it!

Ultimately, when you take a new pet home its all about patience and letting them come out of their shell when it suits them - remember, animals have their own brains and instincts, so if they are scared or nervous, they need time - just like humans.

Good Luck for your new furbaby!