Our Pets

We feel its important for you to know where your pets are coming from, and who they are socialised with! I admit we have quite the zoo going on here! I wanted to share a little more of an insight into our pets*
We hope you enjoy reading this!
*just to note - Queens are also kept as pets, with the same lifestyle as the others and no restrictions, however I didn't want to duplicate images so I have not included them on this page. To read about our Queens please click here


Logan is the goodest girl - a beautiful golden retriever
Born 27th April 2021
Likes: Being involved all the time
Dislikes: Being ignored
Fave Friend: Storm (or mam and dad)


Storm is our chaotic pomeranian mix
Born 5th July 2020
Likes: Balls
Dislikes: New people
Fave Friend: Grandad!